Thursday, December 15, 2011


Yesterday, as part of my mania to make a merry soap Christmas - no matter what the real world may have to say about it, I posted a classic AMC holiday clip of the Martins Making Merry.

Today, we have One Life to Live and Christmas 1989 with the Buchanans.

There's Bo with Sarah (#1 - before she went off to Another World - literally and soapily), the late Clint Ritchie as the original Clint, Cord, Viki, Renee, a pre-teen Kevin (before the recast roller-caster kicked in), teeny tiny Joey, Jessica (we can assume Natalie is hanging with Roxy and Rex, messing up Christmas Carol lyrics) and CJ, a Chuck (!) mention - and Asa promising to make amends.

Check it out below:

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