Friday, December 09, 2011


It sounds a little weird these days to say that you like kids, but I'm going to go ahead and admit that I've always loved child actors, especially on the soaps.

It's very rare when a child actor is allowed to age with a role, like General Hospital's Kimberly McCullough (Robin), or One Life to Live's Kristen and Eddie Alderson (Starr and Matthew). Usually, they're recast at several key junctures:

* When cute babies turn into cute toddlers who like to toddle off the set very cutely.

* When cute babies turn into such meek toddlers that they refuse to say a word on camera (ala Lily on Modern Family).

* When cute school-age kids suddenly sprout up and into teen-agers before the writers are ready for them to (I worked at ABC when Gina Gallagher was fired from her role as Bianca on All My Children because, according to one exec, "She got boobs.")

* When cute school-age kids fail to sprout up and look like teen-agers in time for the writers who want to pen them a more adult storyline.

Some child actors continue on in their profession, others choose to have a more normal life and pick alternative careers.

Below are some "Where Are They Now" interviews I've conducted personally with former pint-sized soap stars, as well as news links to other stories.

Ashley Peldon (Marah; Guiding Light)

Damion Scheller (Gregory; Texas, Jonathan; Guiding Light, Josh; Search for Tomorrow, Paul; As The World Turns)

Danielle Burns (Nancy; Another World)

Bryan Buffinton (Bill; Guiding Light)

Jadrian Steele (Little John; Ryan's Hope)

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