Monday, December 26, 2011


Marley paused for a long beat. And then she said, “Grant.”

“What about him?” Alice wondered.

“He lost Kirkland because of me. If Grant hadn’t been trying to help me, he never would have been placed in the position of being forced to trade away Kirkland.”

“No one forced Grant to do anything. He made his own decision.”

“A decision I drove him to.”

“A decision he made of his own free will. Granted, because of his feelings for you.”

“I couldn’t even look him in the eye afterwards. I can’t imagine how he must feel, how much he must hate me.”

“Is that why you banned him from visiting you here?”

“I couldn’t bear facing his disappointment, his contempt.”

“If he truly felt that way, would he have tried as hard as he has been doing to see you? Your rejection broke his heart, you may take my word on that.”


Marley makes a confession to Alice, Carl and Rachel plot to outsmart Chase, Steven needles Sarah about her mystery man, Matt comes to a decision about Donna, John deals with his final issue regarding Gregory's death, and Dean continues to be confused by Jeanne.

It's New Year's Eve in Bay City at: