Thursday, December 01, 2011


“Go to Hell, Donna,” Lorna ordered, turning her back on the woman, heading back to Jamie and Devon… when the look on her husband’s face, not to mention Morgan and Felicia’s, forced Lorna to waver just a little. “What? What is she talking about? What’s going on?”

“Leave.” Lucas grabbed Donna by the elbow, pulling her towards the door. “Now.”

“I’ll leave when Lorna tells me to leave,” Donna insisted sweetly.

“The directions to Hell earlier weren’t clear enough?” Jamie seethed.

Lorna pivoted in her place, abruptly ordering, “Fine. Say your piece.”

“No!” Felicia interj
ected, warning Donna, “You don’t want to do this.”

“I do,” Donna corrected. “I honestly and genuinely do.”

“Then go ahead,” Lorna snapped. “Get it over with. Say whatever you came to say, then go back to your pathetic, miserable, friendless existence, and leave the rest of us to enjoy our celebration.”

“You heard the lady,” Donna advised Felicia, Lucas, Morgan and Jamie. “Lorna wants to hear what I’ve got to say.”

“Lorna,” Jamie said softly. “Don’t let her do this. Don’t give her this power over you.”

“I’m not,” Lorna insisted, putting up a much braver façade than she actually felt, but resolved to see this through to the end. “I’m actually doing the exact opposite. I’m showing Donna there is nothing she can do to hurt us. Let her do her worst, blow her wad; it’s the only way to be rid of her once and for all.”


Donna's bombshell sends shock-waves through Lorna and Jamie's, and Felicia and Lucas' - not to mention Frankie and Cass', and Amanda and Kevin's - relationships, while Lila wallows in guilt of her own, and Morgan takes desperate action.

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