Monday, December 05, 2011


“I – I was just with Morgan," Amanda began.

“Really?” At least the declaration succeeded in capturing Lorna’s attention, even if she looked anything but pleased to hear it.

“He feels awful.”

“That’s impossible.”

“No, honestly, he does. Having you find out about what happened when you were in a coma – and the way you found out… He’s a wreck, a complete and total wreck.”

“Impossible,” Lorna repeated, slower in case Amanda was feeling unusually dim today. “If Morgan thinks he’s feeling awful now, he’s going to embrace a whole new appreciation for the true meaning of the word once I get through with him.”

“Seriously, Lorna, he’s suffering enough, and he’s going to keep on suffering for a long time. What good would you laying into him do?”

“How is my relationship with Morgan any of your business?”

“He’s a good guy, he doesn’t deserve – “

“Did your brother deserve to be dragged into court and forced to prove that my baby was his?”

“That was your doing, not Morgan’s. You’re the one who lied to Jamie about being married. Why don’t you just admit that all this righteous indignation at both Morgan and your mother should rightfully be pointed your own way? You’re the one who stuck them all between a rock and a hard place, and now you’re shrieking as loud as you can in the hope that no one comes to their senses and realizes what’s actually going on here!”


Lorna tangles with Amanda before moving on to confronting Morgan, while Amanda is stunned by Kevin's reaction to her confession. Donna find a surprising - if temporary - ally, Jen and Steven can't ignore each other any longer, GQ comes to Allie's defense - with tragic results, and Cass and Frankie face an inconvenient decision.

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