Monday, December 12, 2011


Sitting facing her grandmother’s gravestone, Lorna nevertheless heard Felicia come up behind her. She’d know the sound of that jewelry anywhere.

Her mother supplied by way of explanation, “I called Jamie. He said you needed time to think. I suspected I’d find you here.”

Lorna declined to respond. Or turn around.

“I must say, I’m happy the whole truth is finally out.”

Lorna smirked to herself ironically.

“It allows me the chance to explain.”

“You don’t have to.” Lorna pivoted where she sat, looking at Felicia for the first time. “I read the court transcript. I know everything now.”

Though surprised, Felicia pressed on. “You may know what I said. I assure you, you have no idea how I felt.”

“That’s rich,” Lorna snorted. “You claimed to know exactly how I would feel about the abortion Morgan proposed. I guess our Mother/Daughter ESP only flows one way.”

“What about your own daughter? You’re a mother yourself now, Lorna. Take a moment to imagine what you would have done in my position. If Devon was the one fighting for her life, and you had the means to save her, wouldn’t you take it? Wouldn’t you do anything you had to, no matter what the cost?”


Felicia attempts to explain herself to Lorna, Frankie - and Charlie - see a new side to Zeno, Sarah points out the obvious to Allie while Dean is anything but to Jeanne, Kevin refuses to let Amanda off the hook, and Lila grows suspicious about Chase's true motivations regarding Carl.

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