Thursday, December 29, 2011


“I’m throwing a soiree,” Felicia informed in a tone that implied they really should have known that already. “At Tops. Right now. Come on, the champagne is on ice, and you don’t want it gone by the time you finally decide to make your fashionably late entrance.”

“When did this happen?” Cass wanted to know.

“I had a spontaneous impulse,” Felicia’s voice wrestled for dominance with the jangles of the bracelets she’d decked out on both arms. “Out with the old, in with the new! What better time to celebrate than the present?”

“What exactly are we celebrating?”


“Could you be more specific?” Cass requested.

“My life. My old life. The one Donna took away from me when she killed Jenna, and almost Lori Ann, as well. Well, I’m not about to let her have a minute more of it. What is it they say about living well being the best revenge?”


Felicia resolves to get her groove back - much to Cass and Frankie's concern, Jamie and Lorna find themselves cut off, Dean breaks through Jeanne's reserve, Charlie attempts to apply Zeno's advice to Kirkland - with potentially tragic results, Morgan takes the low road, and Grant hears from the last person he ever expected.

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