Thursday, December 08, 2011


“Your mother is deeply distraught these days,” Carl managed to make the innocent status update sound both sinister and threatening.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Amanda said. “That wasn’t my intention.”

“Bollocks. That may not have been Jamie’s intention, or Matthew’s intention, but it most certainly and definitively was yours. You have been lying in wait for, I daresay, years, looking for any adequate excuse with which to attempt battering your mother into submission. As if you give a fig regarding Spencer Harrison, or even Kirkland.”

“Kirkland is my nephew! I love him! And Spencer Harrison was the husband of a dear friends of mine, not to mention a father-in-law I actually liked.”

“Nonetheless, in this particular instance, both were nothing more than tools to further an insidious agenda, which is to make your mother pay for the perceived sin of stepping out on the sainted Mac Cory – death be damned – with another man.”

“A man who stalked me, a man who was planning to kidnap me!”

“During a time period when young Alexandra was still in diapers. And now here she is, a mother herself – inconvenient and unpalatable as you may find that fact to be, Grandma – and yet you insist on holding petty grudges. How childish!”

“The child of a father you tried to destroy, and a mother you actually succeeded in kidnapping, then shooting. And what was it you said to the police afterward? I remember: Rachel shouldn’t have gotten in the way. Charming. Very romantic. Do you whisper those words to my mother in bed at night? Does she get turned on by that?”


Amanda and Carl prepare to duel to the death, Jen at long last explains herself to Steven, Lorna goes for the jugular with Morgan, Gregory helps Allie through her latest crisis, while Matt and Donna exchange expectations.

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