Thursday, November 10, 2011


ABC Soaps in Depth is reporting that Prospect Park has seemingly benched their web relaunch of All My Children in favor of putting all their eggs in the One Life to Live basket. (In what is utterly and purely my opinion, and despite knowing that OLTL not only has/had better ratings but is also believed by many to be creatively on fire, I still think AMC - even without Lucci - would have been the better bet. Its name recognition is simply stronger, both among soap fans and, more importantly, non-soap fans. There is a reason PEOPLE Magazine put out a special AMC commemorative issue, and not one on any of the other recently departed soaps. AMC is the daytime drama most media people know, and thus it's the one most likely to get written about in the mainstream press. Which is critical for a project like this.)

But, my own personal backseat driving aside, this is really, really sad. I kept hoping all along that it was a case of no news being good news, while strongly suspecting that no news meant no clue.

Hopefully, OLTL will still happen and do so phenomenally well that taking on a relaunch of AMC (and ATWT and GL and AW and EON and, oh, what the hell, Ma Perkins) becomes a no-brainer with dozens of web companies engaged in a fierce bidding war.

A girl can always dream... soaps taught me that.

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