Thursday, November 03, 2011


“They’re my children, Carl. Would you ever give up on Cory or Elizabeth no matter what they said or did? Did you give up on forging a relationship with Ryan despite all the bad blood and history between you two?”

“No,” Carl conceded. “But in the case of Jamie and Amanda… they’ve made their positions clear. Them or me.”

“Them or you,” Rachel nodded with sudden sadness as she examined a framed photo on the mantle – Rachel and Mac flanked by Jamie, Amanda, and Matthew – before looking to a second shot, a second family, she and Carl with Cory and Elizabeth.

“And your decision is?”

Rachel turned abruptly. “What do you mean? You actually believe I would consider – “

“You would not be the woman I know you to be, if you did not at least work through the cost-benefit analysis of staying with me over your children’s objections. As you repeatedly remind me, they are your children.”

“Yes, they are. But I refuse to be bullied by them. Verbally or emotionally.”

Carl smiled, wryly, “Ah, so you shall be sticking by me out of spite?”


Carl wonders how Rachel intends to respond to her children's ultimatum, while Amanda attempts to convince Matt to join them, Steven spells out his terms to Marley, Grant struggles not to fall into old habits, and the results of your vote regarding Jamie and Lorna's future!

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