Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Previously, I have mocked soaps' attempts to deal with interfaith romance. I stand by my mocking. This scene in particular was dreadful.

I have also written about interracial relationships and biracial children on soaps. A little more seriously. Probably because, overall, soaps have taken interracial relationships more seriously than interfaith ones.

While they acknowledge that there might be some tangible differences among people of different races, having a non-mainstream faith is, more often than not, treated like a cute little quirk you can get over if you just try hard enough. (In soaps' defense, considering how almost everyone on daytime practices some kind of vague Christianity that flares up for weddings, funerals, christenings and out of the blue confessions destined to be overheard by the wrong person, you can't really blame them for being confused about religion overall, and other people's in particular.)

Now, in the interest of putting my money where my... uh... typing fingers are, I have written about my own interfaith, interracial, interethnic family at Opportunities for turnabout is fair play mocking begin at:

(And for those wondering, yes, I did mention how much we had in common when I interviewed Hillary B. Smith about One Life to Live's Bo and Nora's first wedding. She thought it was neat.)

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