Monday, November 07, 2011


“What about everything Mom has done for you?" Matt demanded of his brother. "I mean I know…actually, scratch that, I don’t know what Alice did for you, because you won’t tell me. But I realize it had to be a hell of a lot for you to embrace her like you have, knowing her history with Mom.”

“It was a hell of a lot.

“Okay, but Mom has been there for you, too. Fighting with Sandy over Cory Publishing, Blaine, Cecile, your tell-all book, knocking up Vicky while you were with Lisa, marrying Vicky, fighting her for Steven – ”

“I was there, Matt, I remember.”

“Jake’s shooting, his attempted murder trial, your feud with Jake, Kelsey, the sexual harassment lawsuit – “

“I said I get it!”

“Not to mention the 21st Century piece de resistance: Your double whammy of hiding a nervous breakdown and being accused of killing Cecile to cover it up.”

“You done?”

“Just as soon as you admit that Mom doesn’t deserve you turning your back on her. Not after she put up with all your crap for forty years, too.”


Matt questions Jamie's true motivation for turning his back on Rachel, Marley reveals her fears to a sympathetic Alice, Charlie struggles to understand Kirkland's withdrawal, Amanda gets blasted by a surprise source, and Dean turns to Jeanne for an explanation - and help.

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