Thursday, November 24, 2011


“I don’t mean to put you on the spot, Jamie,” Alice began as they all settled around the impeccably decorated Thanksgiving table.

“So why do I suspect you’re about to, anyway?” he asked with a good-natured laugh.

Alice smiled. “Everyone here remembers Mac and his wonderful toasts. And those who don’t, have certainly heard enough about them from the rest of us. I’m wondering if you might oblige to do the honors this year.”

Jamie coughed uncomfortably into his fist. “Those are awfully big shoes to fill. Especially at the last minute.”

“Don’t worry,” Grant reassured innocently. “We’re not expecting much.”

“Some people,” Amanda drawled in her ex-husband’s direction. “Set slightly higher bars for themselves than a notch above adequate.”

“Oh, believe me, Amanda,” it took all of Grant’s self-control not to sneak a peek at Sarah as he responded. “You taught me that lesson very, very well.”

“Better step up, Dad,” Steven advised. “Natives are getting restless.”

“How very thematic of you, Steven,” Felicia praised, even as she chimed in. “I agree.”

“Okay, then,” Jamie rose awkwardly, Lorna patting his hand in mock encouragement as he lifted his wine glass, waiting for everyone else to do the same. He looked around, gathering his thoughts and – admittedly – stalling for time. Wondering what Jamie could possibly say that might resonate with the motley group of revelers even a fraction as much as Mac’s words traditionally did.


Thanksgiving makes strange bedfellows as Matt, Jeanne and Donna welcome yet another holiday refugee, Cass is forced to share Frankie with an Oakdale tradition, John and Sharlene celebrate in another world, Jen explains herself to Allie, Sarah confounds Grant, Felicia offers Lorna a chance to come clean, and Cory lives up to his namesake with a pointed toast of his own.

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