Monday, November 14, 2011


“You don’t know what Carl and I were up against," Rachel lectured Jamie, Amanda, and Matt. "None of you know how we agonized over our options. In the end, we had to choose the one that would do the least damage to our children, to your children. And if the three of you would take a moment to climb off your respective, self-righteous high horses, you would see that matters could have been a great deal worse, if Carl hadn’t stepped in when he did. Jamie, do you honestly think Kirkland would have made it out alive and unscathed without Carl’s intervention?”

“I wouldn’t say he made it out unscathed,” the eerie calm of Jamie’s voice proved much more terrifying than any hot-headed explosion. “And, Mom, do you honestly believe that my son would have been in danger to begin with, if it hadn’t been for your husband?”

“Kirkland wasn’t kidnapped because he was your son. He was kidnapped and used as a bargaining chip because he is Spencer Harrison’s grandson.”

“Spencer Harrison. Who Carl made it clear was responsible for exposing the compound.”

“He was! You know he was! That file! Damn it, Jamie, that file would have never even come into play if Spencer hadn’t tried blackmailing you over Kirkland’s custody. Have you forgotten that? Have you all forgotten how this began?”

“It began with Jenna,” Matt said quietly. “And Donna being so afraid of Carl that she gave away her own child – “

“You know it wasn’t that simple, Matt. You know Donna had other reasons – “

“She was so terrified of Carl, that she had to take drastic measures. All of which she learned at the foot of the master.”

“This is irrelevant!” Rachel snapped. “We aren’t here because of what may or may not have happened between Carl and Donna during their marriage. We are here because you three have decided to play judge and jury, and decree that the steps my husband took to protect all of us don’t meet some high-bar of standards you’ve all recently acquired. I have no interest in debating this with you further."


Rachel, Jamie, Amanda, and Matt lay their cards on the table for the final time, Kirkland wrestles with his legacy while Grant rages over his banishment, Jeanne moves to help Dean, Allie forces Sarah to question her motives with men, and Felicia defends her actions to Lucas, who offers a warning of his own.

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