Thursday, November 17, 2011


“How do you think Ryan would have felt,” Alice asked abruptly, though the connection between his assertion and her question was obvious to anyone paying attention. “About what you did to Spencer?”

Carl startled, fighting a simultaneous instinct to defend himself versus rearing up and stomping off in a huff. He settled for a variation on the former, telling Alice, “Ryan would have, first and foremost, wanted Kirkland out of danger. He adored that boy. As much as if the lad were his own flesh-and-blood. Ryan’s untimely death, in point of fact, came about primarily due to his concern for Kirkland – and Grant’s utter lack of it.”

“Ryan’s death was an accident,” Alice said. “Spencer’s wasn’t.”

“I am sorry, I didn’t come here to – “

“You came here in an attempt to recruit my help for getting Jamie and Amanda to change their minds about wanting you out of Rachel’s life.”

“I came here because I know you are deeply fond of Rachel’s children, and – I presumed – have no interest in seeing them suffer needlessly. I thought you might wish to offer them your own perspective on the folly of drawing impenetrable lines in the sand and setting up familial civil wars. The end results of such tussles are never satisfactory for anyone.”

“Does Rachel know you’re here?”


Carl turns to Alice for help with his family feud, while Rachel deals with Jamie, Amanda and Matt's response to her choice. Marley boils over at Donna's best intentions, Frankie explains her own intentions to Cass, and Chase comes to Lila with an even more shocking proposition.

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