Thursday, July 14, 2011


The lovely and talented Hillary Bailey Smith has graciously offered to give Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule of Daytime Drama's Greatest Moments an interview regarding Bo and Nora's (first) wedding on One Life to Live.

Got questions you'd like me to ask Hillary and/or thoughts on one of Daytime's liveliest weddings ever? Leave a comment below (if you can - I know Blogger periodically acts up) or e-mail me directly at

Also looking for fan memories for possible publication on:

DOOL: "Roman" sees a presumed dead Marlena alive on the pier
Y&R: David's KILLER plastic surgery, the masquerade ball and death by garbage chute
DOOL: Eileen Davidson plays five different roles - and lives to tell about it!
GL: Olivia and Natalia's romance
Y&R: Dru/Neil/Malcolm and Lily's paternity reveal
EON: Draper's Great Train Escape


Carolyn said...

This is great! I'll look for info on that scene from DOOL. Did everyone hear about this really exciting contest to meet EJ and Stefano on the Days Set and to
appear with them in Soap Opera Digest? Check it out at

Yang said...

DOOL rocks! Thank you for sharing this amazing info! I have a friend who is interning at ClassWish and I heard from her that ClassWish is holding this contest!

I just donated $1 to ClassWish to help kids, and I hope I'm the lucky dog to meet EJ and Stefano in LA~

Yang said...

Oh I forgot to say: Thank you Carolyn for sharing this exciting news!

Pixie said...

Was it really as simple as donating a dollar? Im definitely going to check out Classwish, I'd love to meet a celebrity!!