Monday, July 18, 2011


"Carl," Rachel said slowly. "The primary reason I agreed to let you send Elizabeth and Cory to boarding school was because you convinced me they'd be physically safer away from us. Otherwise, frankly, I'm not certain that the problems Amanda and I've had since she so suddenly hit her teens weren't triggered by our being apart during her key, formative years. I'm not sure I did the right thing, allowing Mac to convince me it would be best for her. And I am very, very hesitant to repeat the experiment with a girl as... challenging as Elizabeth. However, you persuaded me their safety needs to come first. Has the situation changed?"

"Unfortunately not," he admitted.

"Then why the change in plans?"

"I've reconsidered," he repeated, as if that should settle matters without further question.

"Truth, please," Rachel said simply, not accusing him, merely making it clear she wasn't keen on purchasing the current offering as is.

Carl sighed, for a moment looking so devastated, Rachel felt sorry she'd ever started on this particular train of thought.

As if he were delivering the most horrible news in the world, Carl said, "I spoke to a few of the admissions officers at the top schools I'd selected. All of them... they said, that is, they implied...."

"What?" Rachel demanded.


Carl receives crushing news about his children, Morgan forces Marley to face a devastating truth, Kevin hits a surprising nerve with Frankie, Matt fights to stay a step ahead of Jeanne, and Jamie struggles with what's best for Kirkland.

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