Friday, July 08, 2011


It was the first ever, interactive Guiding Light Bauer BBQ! Were you on the guest list? Find out who was!

And join Mindy for the final fireworks as she looks around all the families, couples, and lonely-hearts in attendance and muses:

Everyone looks, if not exactly happy with their overall lives, happy in the moment, being here, together, on a gorgeous 4th of July night. And, you know what? I can't help feeling proud that it was the Bauer BBQ that is responsible, once again, for creating this perfect moment. Even if it is only a moment. Even if tomorrow we all go back to our tough lives. Even if we never have it again. At least, we had it once...

Catch up with all the BBQ action at:!/MindyLewisBauer and make sure to sign up if you want to receive your invitation next year! (Remember, tweets are posted newest to oldest, so you need to go back a few days and read from bottom to top to follow all the action!)

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