Monday, July 11, 2011


"How are things panning out with Kirkland?" Sarah asked.

Grant sighed. "Another one who's labeled me personal non-grata."

"He'll come around, too," again with that confidence of youth. Grant had to admit, it was kind of pleasant to have around. The constant pessimism of age had its drawbacks.

"I'm taking your advice. I'm giving him space."

"My advice?" Sarah giggled. "Boy, you must be really desperate."

"You made a lot of sense the other day. And, like you said, you probably get where he's coming from much better than I do."

"Was that a diss about me being your son's age? You see me as some dumb kid?"

"Quite the contrary, it was a reference to your wisdom — despite; maybe even because of — your youth."

"You, Senator, clearly didn't get the requisite Old Fogies Know Best memo."

"Thank you," Grant said archly. "Don't know how you meant that, but I'm choosing to take it as a compliment."

Sarah laughed then, almost shyly asked, "Listen, do you... would you... Do you think you'd mind if maybe I stopped by here every once in a while? To, you know, just kind of hang out or something?"


Sarah tries to bolster Grant's spirits, Jamie resolves to find out what's bothering Kirkland, Frankie and Cass fail to see eye-to-eye on Lila, Allie lashes out at Jen only to receive her own back in kind, Carl gets a chance to heed Rachel's wishes, and Matt allows Donna (and you) to make a key decision regarding their future.

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