Thursday, July 28, 2011


"Carl was trying to protect everyone!"

"Why?" Alice asked sensibly.

Her calm in the face of Rachel's irritation throwing the other woman momentarily off-balance. "What - what do you mean?"

"Why?" Alice repeated. "What reason did Carl have for allying with Spencer in the first place? Carl hates the man. Justine, Ryan, Grant, it's a very well-known list."

"All richly warranted," Rachel reminded.

"While I can see how you naturally would agree that Spencer deserves the blame for Carl having an affair with his wife, that's neither here nor there right now. My point is, Carl wanted to keep his family from becoming targets in retaliation for putting Donna in a position to expose the compound. Why couldn't he have taken the necessary steps on his own, why involve Spencer?"

"Because this is all Spencer's fault in the first place!" Rachel felt stunned Alice failed to recognize it. "If he hadn't tried to blackmail me with Donna's file, Lucas would have had nothing to plant on Cecile's body and tip off the authorities."

"Well, in that case, Carl is completely innocent — "

"I never said that. Stop twisting my words, I'm warning you!"

"Carl still could have taken care of the situation on his own. He didn't need Spencer. Yet he insisted on involving him nonetheless."

"Spencer stood to benefit as much as anyone. Why shouldn't he assume some of the risks?"

"Did you know what those risks would be?" Alice asked Rachel.

Who considered lying, but ultimately chose to own up. "Yes."


The kid gloves come off as Rachel and Alice step up to defend their respective husbands, Frankie shocks Cass with her stance on Charlie, Lila refuses to buy Matt and Jeanne's whirlwind romance, Steven calls Jen out on GQ, and Lorna offers Sarah some very personal advice.

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