Thursday, July 21, 2011


"Thank you for this," Cass said sincerely.

"Oh, no, thank you, darling. I told you over the 4th, I need something to bring the old Felicia back front and center. Now all we require is Wally and..."

Cass smiled fondly. "I like to believe, whenever you and I gear up to do something we really shouldn't, he's there, cheering us on."

"I wonder what Wally would think of us now? We've both certainly made some wrong turns these past few years."

"Which we are both in the process of correcting. You and Lucas, me and Frankie, I feel like we're finally back on track. After the years of ill-timed disruptions."

"You don't seem sure," Felicia observed.

"Has Lucas filled you in on what he was up to all the time he was gone?" Cass asked abruptly.

"Most of it. He was held prisoner by Donna for years. And then he made a deal for his freedom, which at least allowed him to move around. He came to Lorna. I know they became very close. I suppose that's one blessing out of this entire thing."

"Frankie never talks about anything that happened while she was missing. I know she was in the hospital initially, but she lived for close to a decade as Mary Ordway. She must have had a life, a job, colleagues, friends..."

"Men," Felicia prompted gently.


Cass wonders about Frankie's past, while his wife gets an earful from Jamie regarding their children's present, Grant and Lila commiserate over misreading another's signals - or are they? Allie asks a question Amanda can't answer, while Jeanne publicly lays out the threat to Carl and Rachel, Spencer and Alice, Lucas and Felicia, and Donna... and makes a life-changing accusation.

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