Friday, April 16, 2010



Leah wondered whether Rick and Mindy would still want to adopt Allie's baby if he turned out to be half-Black. Mindy, treading carefully, insisted that of course they would.

Leah thought it might be weird for the boy to have two white parents, and admitted that while she loved the Bauer side of her family, she did get tired of people asking her, "What are you?" as though she were some exotic, undiscovered species.

Later, Marina dropped by with a box of Henry's hand-me-down baby clothes, which gave Mindy the chance to ask her whether Marina would have still gone ahead with Henry's adoption if she'd known from the start that he had a living father in Shayne and grandfather in Edmund (and that it would cost her the marriage to Mallet, too!)?

Marina admitted that once she had Henry, she wouldn't have given him up for anything. But, if she'd known in advance all the heartache that adopting him illegally would bring, she probably wouldn't have. Even though everything seems to have worked out in the end... Marina with Shayne, Mallet with Dinah...

Mindy also wondered whether Marina worried about Henry feeling second-best. Like she'd only gotten him because Marina couldn't have a biological child of her own. Marina said that she hoped not, but pointed out that all kids go through phases of conflict with their parents - adopted or not. It's perfectly normal!

After Marina left, Mindy thought about all the adoptive children she knew in Springfield - Phillip, Dylan, Jonathan, Dinah, Daisy, Billy and even Mindy herself now! She told herself that just because she and Rick intended to raise their son in Springfield, that didn't mean their lives were destined to be full of drama... did it?

To reassure herself, Mindy tried calling Allie. But neither she nor Gregory were answering their phones, prompting Mindy to wonder if something were wrong. (To find out what's going on before Mindy does, go to: and!)

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