Friday, April 09, 2010



Mindy finally confessed to Phillip that Beth's biggest concern about his rejecting the Spaulding money was that the bare-bones, just-getting-by lifestyle would eventually frustrate Phillip - and turn him into Bradley.

Phillip was horrified that Beth thought he could ever become abusive like her stepfather, but Mindy insisted that Beth didn't think this - she felt it. And Beth couldn't control how she felt. Especially with Peyton, who would be Phillip's stepdaughter, the way Beth was Bradley's.

Later, Mindy walked into another burgeoning family crisis when she found Holly in the Bauer kitchen, arguing with Alex over the phone. Alex had told Holly that Fletch went to get Meg and bring her back to Springfield - without consulting Holly.

Holly expected Mindy to back her up, at least in the Alex-hate department. But while Mindy happily continued to hate Alex, she couldn't disagree with her assessment that Holly had been a neglectful parent to Meg.

Holly fired back at Mindy by asking if she'd had heard from the woman she believed to be her biological mother - or from Mel about the status of Mindy and Rick's adoption plans.

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