Monday, April 05, 2010


"Have you seen your brother?" Rachel asked Matt over breakfast, though neither one of them seemed to be doing more than picking at the extravagant spread of food in front of them. The coffee pot, however, even this early in the day, already stood empty.

"Not since I called him a weak, spineless coward practically on top of Mac's grave."

"Oh, Matthew..."

"How do you do it, Mom? How do you... forgive?"

She hesitated. "Are we still talking about Jamie or..."

"Everyone. Jamie, Donna... "


He avoided her last question to counter, "How did you manage to forgive Carl? After everything he'd done?"

"Well, to start with, Carl wanted my forgiveness. He worked for it. I'm not sure if either of the other people you've mentioned are on the same page where that's concerned."

"Jamie... It's like Jamie just wants us all to leave him alone."

"Well, that's not going to happen," Rachel said simply. "No matter what he says. Or does."

"And Donna. I understand that she's deliberately pushing me, trying to provoke me into leaving. What I don't understand is why."

* * *

Lorna risks her own safety to help Jamie, Sarah tests Steven, Allie gives Gregory an answer, Cass tries to dissuade Frankie (as if that could ever work) and Carl sets off on a mysterious errand.

Plus, classic Lorna/Ada and Lorna/Felicia clips.

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