Thursday, April 22, 2010


Marley didn't even make a token effort at suppressing her exasperated groan as Grant breezed past her into the Love house. "Why?" was all she asked.

"Because. Despite my better instincts, I heeded your advice to leave Kirkland to you last night and allow him some space as he adjusted to his new surroundings. But today is a different story. It's his birthday. Sixteen! That's a very big deal. I want to see him."

"I sincerely doubt Kirkland's in the mood for any kind of festivities. Even if there is a shiny red sports-car involved."

"There is indeed a shiny red sports-car involved," Grant confirmed to the accompaniment of another exasperated groan. "I will not allow Jamie's inability to accept his circumstances like a man disrupt Kirkland's life any longer."

"Fine," Marley stepped aside, figuring they might as well get this over with. "Go upstairs. Wake Kirkland up. He spent all night waiting for news of Jamie. But I'm sure he'll appreciate being force-fed birthday cake while you lob presents at him."

Grant fumed, "It's inexcusable what that coward has done. Tormenting Kirkland emotionally like this, ruining his birthday..."

"Oh, cut it out. We both know that as soon as you heard Jamie was a fugitive, you danced a jig at the thought of his dropping even lower in everyone's eyes, especially Kirkland's. 'Look son, not only is Jamie an admitted murderer, but now he's an admitted murderer on the run!'"

"Tenor, Marley, not baritone, I keep telling you," he reminded. The look in his eyes suggesting that Grant also remembered exactly under what circumstances he'd last instructed her. In so much more than how to imitate his voice correctly.

* * *

Lorna questions Jamie... and Lucas, Alice breaks Spencer's heart, Allie ponders her options, and Kirkland challenges both his fathers.

Plus a classic clip of Grant winning his Senate seat, and Lucas taking on Carl for Lorna!

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