Thursday, April 01, 2010


"How charming," Donna dismissed Matt after he'd finished explaining why she would be required to remain in the hospital... indefinitely. "You've turned my daughter against me; convinced her to lock Dotty Old Mother up and throw away the key."

"We all just want to help you, Donna."

"Help me do what, precisely? Be happy? Because, I must say, you are failing rather miserably in that regard."

"This isn't about you being happy," Matt replied honestly, shocking Donna enough that, with a small "oh," she sunk down on the bed, looking up at him with heartfelt confusion, as if it had never crossed her mind that Donna Love's happiness might not be the world's uppermost concern. "Quite frankly, right now, after everything you've done, you don't deserve to be happy."

"Well... Matthew... I — If you truly feel that way, then why are you even bothering to — "

"What you deserve, is to finally get to the bottom of what in the world it is that drives you to behave like this. You deserve to find out what it is that's always stopping you from ever truly being happy. And I think the first step to that is you figuring out and admitting what it was that drove you to try and commit suicide in the first place."

"Oh," Donna said again, only this time the exclamation wasn't one of surprise, but of purpose. "Is that all? Honestly, Matthew, why didn't you say so at the outset? All this talking in riddles and circles. All this pop psychology and feigned concern."

"My concern is real."

"We could have both saved each other a great deal of fuss and time if you'd simply asked me straight out in the first place."

"I did," he reminded. "Only to have you block me along every turn."

Oh, well, you see, darling, that was for your own good..."

* * *

Jamie receives an offer of salvation from a surprising source - but refuses to accept it, Spencer offers his own paternal failings as an example to Grant, Steven turns on his brother, and Gregory proposes a solution to Allie's problem.

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