Thursday, April 15, 2010


John asked Donna, "What would you have done, twenty years ago, if the thing you were most afraid of had come true, and I turned out to be Vicky and Marley's father, instead of Michael?"

She bristled. "You weren't. You couldn't have been. Michael and I were in love. You and I... it was... I was just trying to make him jealous. It was only the one time."

"Why?" John wondered.

"Why was it only once? I just told you. I loved Michael. You know that. You knew it then, too."

"No. Not why did it happen once. Why did it happen at all? I spent a lot of years in Vietnam, ducking, staring at the jungle, writing you love letters I never got up the nerve to send, and questioning, why... how did it happen at all? You may have been only sixteen years old, but anybody — blind people! — could see that Michael was it for you. Some people wait their entire lives and never love anyone as much as you two did each other."

"Yes," Donna said softly.

"So what in the world ever possessed you to even give me a second look?"

"You were very persistent, John."

"But I was far from irresistible."

"Don't sell yourself short."

"Don't flirt with me, Donna."

She shrugged. "Sorry. Force of habit."

* * *

Felicia explains herself to Lucas, Allie finally gets an answer from Sarah, Jamie comes to a decision about Lorna, and Frankie confronts Cass about Cecile's death.

Plus classic Donna/John and Felicia/Lucas clips.

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