Monday, April 26, 2010


"You have to promise me, John," Donna dictated. "You have to give me your word that you will not repeat anything of what I tell you here to anyone, ever."

"Not a problem. Doctor/patient confidentiality," he reminded.

"No. Not good enough." Even locked up against her will in a mental hospital, Donna had no qualms about setting her own terms. "I want your word as my friend."

John hesitated. "As your friend, as a member of your family, I can't swear that if what you tell me makes you a danger to Marley or the kids..."

"It doesn't. It won't. The only way it could hurt them, would be if you were to tell."

"You're talking in riddles, Donna."

"How well do you remember my parents?" she asked him, changing the subject abruptly.

John sighed grimly. "Reginald was pretty unforgettable."

"What about my mother? Do you remember her?"

"Your mother? Did I ever meet your mother? Yeah, I guess I did. At the stables once or twice when I came to visit Michael. She didn't make much of an impression. She kind of blended into the woodwork. But I guess anyone would, besides Reginald. Or you. You," John observed. "Are definitely your father's daughter, no question about that."

"That's what everybody thinks," Donna agreed. "But they're all wrong. I learned a lot from Reginald. I learned how to put myself first. I learned how to manipulate, how to use, and to do it all with a smile. I learned how to get by from my father. But I learned how to survive from my mother."

* * *

Donna lets John in on a family secret, Lucas confirms Lorna's suspicions - and gets a few answers of his own, Allie explains herself to Amanda (with a surprising minimum of whining), Kirkland devastates Grant, Sarah wonders if her jig is up, and Rachel faces choosing between Jamie and Carl - with your help!

Plus classic clips of Donna and Rachel discussing parenting, and Sharlene's breakdown.

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