Monday, April 12, 2010


Carl reminded, "Lorna betrayed me. For which I have forgiven her. Accordingly, I must admit, I am utterly at a loss as to the reason why she can't do the same for any perceived slights I allegedly committed against her."

"Slights," Jamie repeated ith a hard hiss. "What you did to her was a bit more severe than a few minor transgressions."

"I harbor a different perspective on the matter."

"Perhaps you need a new one," Jamie leaned towards Carl. "Elizabeth is what, twelve now? In June, she'll be thirteen. The same age Lorna was when you 'saved' her from a life on the streets. Think about that. Elizabeth at thirteen. Now think about a man, an older man, who takes an interest in Elizabeth the exact same way you did in Lorna. Let's call him, for the sake of argument... Grant."

"That's enough! Not another word."

"Why? I'm just trying to give you perspective, Carl...."

* * *

Jamie offers Carl a new perspective on Lorna, Alice challenges Rachel about Carl, and Lorna pushes Jamie to face a different view of himself, while Steven takes a risk to help Allie.

Plus a classic Lorna/Carl clip, and a teeny-tiny baby Gregory!

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