Friday, April 02, 2010



Mindy and Rick's plan to adopt Allie Fowler's baby hit a snag when Mel dropped a bomb-shell at the BBQ they threw to welcome Allie to the family. (Read all about it at: and make sure you vote on what Rick and Mindy should do next at the very bottom of the page!)

Later, Phillip came by and told Mindy that he thinks Beth's refusal to move out of the mansion with Peyton and in with him is a symptom of bigger issues. He mused that the obsession with material things she developed while married to Alan will eventually destroy her. It's so not who Beth really is deep down intrinsically; the conflict is bound to tear her apart.

Mindy challenged that Phillip is remembering the Beth he left behind. A lot happened while he was gone. Beth isn't that starry-eyed teen-ager with the sketch-pad anymore, waiting for the white knight to come rescue her. She's been to hell and back several times. She knows the knight isn't coming.

Phillip bristled at Mindy's assertion (she guessed it was because he refused to accept he might not be Beth's knight anymore) and insisted that there had to be more to it than that.

Mindy knew he was right, but she'd also promised to keep Beth's confidence about her real reasons.

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