Friday, April 23, 2010



Mindy got the news that Allie had given birth to her baby in Bay City, and that GQ had dropped his paternity claim, which meant that the Bauers could go ahead and adopt him.

Mindy texted Rick a photo of their son, and he said he'd be right home so they could drive to Bay City and pick Hudson Lewis Bauer up. Next, Mindy called Billy, who told her, "(Hudson) looks just like you. Same way you look like me..."

Billy also asked if Mindy had heard from Rose Greenman, the woman she believes to be her biological mother. Mindy admitted she hadn't. Billy offered to call her himself, but Mindy said no, now was the time to focus on her new son. She could deal with Rose another time.

At the hospital, Kevin Fowler told Rick and Mindy that Allie still had the right to change her mind about the adoption. He would go talk to her immediately (read their conversation here:, but in the meantime, Allie had given her permission for them to go into the nursery and get acquainted with the baby.

Rick wanted to know why Mindy was hesitating, and she wondered whether to tell him how scared she felt. Mindy was sure that if she got attached to Hudson and then Allie changed her mind, Mindy wouldn't be able to recover from the blow.

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PipHuff said...

I absolutely love that there is a continuation of GL! I can't wait to spread the news to my die-hard GL friends! Thanks so much!

Leslie said...

I really just miss the show all together, I sure wish it was still on the air, and I wish there was someone out there that could do something about it and bring it back, but reading the stories I can picture all the people, I watched it for so long, the farwell was heart breaking.