Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Actor Tony Craig joined the cast of The Edge of Night in 1975, and played the role of Assistant District Attorney Draper Scott until 1981.

PGP: Do you remember your audition for the role of Draper?

TC: I remember the audition and I remember who was in the room and I remember walking out and not really thinking one way or the other about it. When I was young, I always had this feeling that I was going to succeed. And if it wasn’t then, it was going to be a little later or somewhere else. So when I did the audition, I just felt like if it doesn’t happen this time, then it will happen later. So the point I’m trying to make is, while I was a little surprised when I got the part, I wasn’t terribly surprised. Because I just knew that sooner or later I would get work. It was my first major part in a soap. I was very young. I was 24. I remember the producer, Mr. Nicholson, sitting there, and I remember the director sitting there, and I remember where it was. On the Upper East Side. I guess you could say I remember a hell of a lot about it!

PGP: Who did the producers initially tell you that this character was?

TC: I will never forget what they said. They said he was “a smiling cobra.” A nice guy who’s ruthless. But you know, once I got on the show and started getting fan mail from people, they wanted me to be a nice guy. Basically, my personality is not ruthless. I’m a nice guy. (I’m not patting myself on the back; sometimes I wish I weren’t). But that came through. And I think what happened was the writers and the producer recognized what they had, so they said, “Let’s forget about the cobra and make him into a nice guy with a wife and kid and go from there.” And that’s what they did.

PGP: Was it difficult getting thrust into the fast pace of a daily soap and having to play a lawyer sprouting legal jargon?

TC: Near the end, after my seventh year – you do 250 different shows a year basically; five days a week, 52 weeks a year – I honestly had no problem with it at all. Your brain, your memory is like a muscle. And if you exercise that muscle, after a while you look at a script and you know who’s writing it, and you know the proclivity they have towards certain kinds of syntax, and you just know what’s coming. It honestly didn’t bother me because I would look up the (legal) terms, see what they meant, talk to a lawyer if I had to and, for some reason, it just didn’t bother me.

PGP: You took a break from the business for a while?

TC: In 1991, my wife died. And I was in such pain that I left the city. I went to Florida where her family was and where we buried her, and I stayed for twelve years. Because I just couldn’t come back to New York, I was in such pain. That’s why I was out of the loop for so many years. I couldn’t bear to be in the city. I started my own business. I sell collectibles, baseball cards, autographs -- now I’m selling autographed first editions. I traveled a lot for the business. And then in 2002, I said, “I miss the city. I think I’m ready to come back.” I sold my house, I moved back, called my agent and picked up my acting career. I had a screen test for All My Children last December, but I think I wasn’t right for the part; they were looking for a killer. I tried to be mean, but I don’t think I was old enough, either. (Ed. note: The audition was probably for the role of Zach’s psycho dad). I’m sixty, but I look younger. I have good genes, I guess. But there aren’t that many parts written on soaps for guys my age. And the ones that are have been on forever. I’m doing basically commercials now, and industrials. The stuff I’ve been doing has been AARP, Viagra, Wal-Mart. I did an Alcoholics Anonymous commercial. I just had a callback for Belvedere Vodka. They’re all pitching themselves to the baby boomers. We’re the biggest group out there. So I’m still working. I can’t afford to retire....

Stay tuned for Part Two of our exclusive interview with Tony Craig, where he’ll take you behind the scenes of Draper’s great escape, and the location shoot that proved to be a real thrill ride. Plus, where are some of his EON co-stars now?

In the meantime, check out Tony as Draper on AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel, here!


Marilyn said...

So glad to hear something about Tony Craig. How could I email him?

Kevin (Nightbird) said...

Tony, I am glad to see your return to our great city. I remember quite well how Nick (Erwin Nicholson) and Henry (Slesar)really enjoyed your work. Stay well and I am certain of your continued success!


Kevin (Nightbird) said...

P.S. It would be great to have you, Terry (Davis) and Sharon (Gabet) back together in some kind of trio - you all had such a brilliant "triangle" on EDGE and I had always wished Henry, Nick, and Jackie (Haber) had considered more of a development there... Oh well. Take Care...

George Sanchez said...

Hi Tony! I met you in1980, while working at Ray Bari Pizza on 56th St and 3rd Ave. I was the pizza boy. Never forgot you gave me an authograph photo for my sister. Good luck, hope you find work in the industry.

Beverly Ferrell said...

So glad to see this about Tony. I would watch Edge of Night to see Tony. I always hoped to see him on another show. He is a very talented actor.

alex tworkowski said...

Tony! My boy. The coffee shop is no more. EUE is not here anymore. George Cooney owns some works in Delaware and elsewhere. I miss the old days. We had fun. I think the union bullshit has taken it out of me. I worked for a while, but i played my cards wrong. Scumbag John Valentino told Nick that i said that Nick didn't know anything. What a liar. I told John not to bore Nick 'cause he's not up an all the fucking transistors and shit. I had seen the bored look on Nicks face when i would tell him technical stuff. John stabbed me in the back and i just sat there and thought, fuck everyone. I don't give a fuck anymore. Everyone hated me so I said fuck you and sayonara. Now i feel bad. Nick is dead. Buddy is gone. You and some of the others are all that remain. Go on FaceBook or i'll come out there and spank your ass. Sincerely hope your life is wildly great. Get in touch, you maniac......s