Thursday, October 25, 2007


Time for another Advanced Placement Physics test:

Which of the above Guiding Light couples burn the hottest?

Cyrus and Marina?

Cyrus and Harley?

Cyrus and Alex?

Let us know in the Comments below!


Cierra said...

Cyrus and Marina by far!

Alex just needs to get over herself and Harley, well...She needs to go back to Gus!

jewelu said...

Marina and Cyrus

Harley needs to cool her skanky butt.
Alex needs to find someone her own age, not someone who could be her grandson.

supersage21 said...

Sorry, but let's be honest... Harley belongs with Gus. Alex needs to be portrayed as a strong, business woman. Marina needs to be de-squeaked. Cyrus? Give him to ATWT.

Keep the couples happy for more than 2 Springfield seconds and keep them together for a while.

JosieKatz said...

Wow!!! Harley and Cyrus look smokin'!

Harley and Gus do belong together but Cyrus could make an interesting diversion while Gus comes to his senses.

Stephanie said...

Marina and Cyrus They are the only reason I watch. If Harley and Cyrus become a couple I don't think I could bare to watch Marina's heart be ripped out again

Anonymous said...

Cyrus and Marina are definitely the couple to go with. The show has been building that couple for nearly eight months now. That's where the story is. That's where the emotion is. That's where the passion is.

Cyrus and Alex's "marriage" was a pathetic farce from the start. Now, with Alex sinking to a new low that rivals that of Alan's best handiwork, it's downright grotesque.

I have to say, GL really came up with this big Harley/Cyrus push in a hurry. Out of the blue is what they call that right? When something comes out of nowhere and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever?

It such a shame that the writers of this show have no idea how to write for any couple at all unless there's at least one person trying to come between them and usually more than one. They seem to think that every single couple just HAS to be in a triangle or quad. Since Cyrus's marriage to Alex was a pathetic failure, they'll throw Harley into the mix and give that a whirl. But it's just so artificial and arbitrary.

Cyrus and Marina have spent nearly eight months on a course leading to a strong, passionate relationship. Harley's had a few weeks of boring, whiny banter with Cyrus and now she's ready to chuck her loyalty to her own niece just to get a piece of him?! I know he's incredibly hot and charming and it must be hard for her to see his devotion to Marina after the indifference that Gus has shown towards her the last few months, but you just don't do that. Period! Betraying Dinah with Mallet because she thought Gus was dead was bad enough. Betraying Marina knowing full well that she's alive and loves Cyrus is just wrong on every level. Plus, Harley's got so much else to focus on. Her daughter just got pregnant and had an abortion without telling her and is in desperate need of mothering. Her sons apparently haven't eaten anything other than hot dogs and macaroni and cheese since last Thanksgiving. Her adulterous husband is about to spit in her face by asking for an annulment just to appease his hypocritical tramp girlfriend. And the man she's allowing herself to fall for is in love with her own niece, who just almost died. Harley, walk away. Far away. No man is worth neglecting your children and betraying your own niece over.

I honestly don't get it. It's as mindbogglingly backwards as Josh & Cassie IMO.

Nikoo said...

Although I don't like the idea of another family love triangle, I have to admit I like the pairing of Cyrus and Harley. They're equals, brutally honest and upfront, while with Marina Cyrus has to constantly baby her feelings. She's too immature for him. As for Alex, I think she needs to find herself a new friend. I think she just clung to Cyrus out of loneliness (an issue GL mishandled, making Alex seem obsessive and deranged).

Billie said...

You have got to be kidding me. Cyrus is in I would die for you runaway with me forever love with Marina. Or am I just confused?

Absolutely Cyrus and Marina. They have fantastic sexy, fun chemistry.

Harley is too bossy and overbearing and frankly I don't I want to watch Cyrus be emasculated by her.

Of course, maybe this question is just for show. I mean since I don't see a new couple picture of Marina and Cyrus and I do see a new couple picture of Harley and Cyrus.

Break up Cyrus and Marina and I'll go do something else for an hour. They are the only reason I watch.

Anonymous said...

That's a great point, billie, Harley would totally castrate Cyrus. She's almost as bad as Cassie in terms of turning her men into obedient lapdogs. I don't see Cyrus ever babying Marina. If anything, he's been babying Harley for the last few weeks. She's the one who's been having all the drama and nervous breakdowns and he's the one staying calm and getting her through it. Marina's been tougher than Harley lately and has been far more mature in terms of seeing the shades of gray that Cyrus is full of. Harley sees everything black and white, just like Frank. That's a very childish trait.

Billie said...

It sure won't say much about Cyrus if he can stop feeling what he has supposedly been feeling for Marina at the drop of a hat. He has a lot to be sorry for to her and he should be fully prepared to fight to keep her after everything she has done for and lost because of him.

And don't even get me started about what this says about Harley, who has watched this man for weeks showing how much he loves Marina (her niece) while she has been kidnapped.

This is one of those brilliant decisions like Having Cassie hook up with Josh while Reva fights cancer. Really endears the characters to the audience.

Anonymous said...

I know billie, just the concept of putting Cyrus and Harley together after what we've seen Cyrus supposedly go through because of his love for Marina is insane. To have him beg her to run away from her life to be with him, to have her get kidnapped because she chose him, and then have him betray her with her own aunt is insulting. And it makes the last seven months that we've watched every day a total lie. That's the worst part. It's a huge slap in the face to everyone who gives their time to watch an hour of this show five days a week to change characters core's willy-nilly just to fit some stupid plot or insipid, almost incestuous new pairing.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone who actually has any connection whatsoever with the actual show ever reads this blog but if they do, may I just ask: Who the heck do you think you're writing this show for anyway? Horny fratboys? Braindead idiots? Aliens from outerspace? I'd really like to know because the show you're currently writing appeals to practically no one as it is and all indications are that it's only gonna get worse with the last few remaining couples also destroyed and the new ones being unsympathetic and even incestuous. Add to that, the fact that by February the show is gonna look like a cheaper, less professional version of The Blair Witch Project and it doesn't take Stephen Hawking to do the math and figure out that come summer GL will have about three viewers left.

You're viewers are women. It's so simple and yet you don't seem to get it. Yes, there are some men who watch but most viewers are women. So, why do you write so many stories that are offensive, insulting, and distasteful to women? You know, like trying to turn a serial rapist into a romantic hero and attempting to pair him with his victims. Or having all female characters be so weak and pathetic that they can't be without a man for more than a week.

As women, most of your viewers want love, passion, and romance. Not meaningless sex between random people who've also had sex with all of their partner's family members. Not cheap triangles and quadrangles in which no one is sympathetic and are so exhausting that by the end nobody cares who ends up with who.

Josh & Reva were a romantic, passionate couple. Josh & Cassie are incestuous and boring. Jeffrey & Reva are almost as bad. RealReva would've hung that vile, unrepentent serial rapist from a tree by now, not whimpering over the phone that she needs him.

Cyrus & Marina are a romantic and passionate couple. Cyrus & Alex were too pathetic for words and Cyrus & Harley is so stupid it sounds like bad fan-fiction from someone who just took a blow to the head.

Ashlee & Coop are a sweet couple that needs a good foundation written for them. Having her catch him with putrid Ava every five minutes is not a solid foundation, it's just lazy.

And now we're hearing that Gus is gonna ask Harley for an annullment just to please pseudo-religous hypocrite Natalia?! Do you actually think that any female viewer with an ounce of self-esteem could even bear to look at Gus or Natalia every again much less care what happens to them?

What the heck is getting smoked over there in the writer's office anyway?

seweh said...

Harley and Cyrus together would mark the beginning of a new low in the sad-state of story-telling that is GL. Harley and Gus are obviously still in love, but having serious marital issues. Instead of a story about the two of them working out their problems, we have Harley ditching Gus to chase her niece's boyfriend? Harley has put her children's needs second to helping Marina only to steal Marina's bofriend?

This is the first decent love story for Marina in years. She has risked her life, career, and was willing to leave her family for him.

Cyrus has admitted he's never loved anyone the way he loves Marina. He married Alex in order to stay near Marina, he's risked arrest multiple times to save Marina's life, and most recently he traded his life for Marina's.

There has been months of build up for Cyrus and Marina and when they are finally about to be together, the writers decide to put them in a triangle? It makes no sense and it is bad story telling.

Instead of having Cyrus dump Marina, I say that CBS should dump whoever had the idea of Cyrus and Harley as a romantic couple.

Billie said...

Cyrus and Marina and this is why.

"Why? Because he's so good looking? and that accent please...I am so not one of those girls." - Marina April

"Remember when I asked you what it might be like if you weren't a cop and I wasn't me" - Cyrus May

"Why does trouble always seem to follow you Foley?"
"Why do you always seem to follow me detective?" Marina and Cyrus June

"Lately I've been having these strange thoughts, daydreams really of dying an old man in a comfortable bed, not alone..." -Cyrus June

"Can you just believe in me for one day, one hour?" - Cyrus June

"If this is real prove me wrong" - Marina June

"Come home with me" - Marina June

"I know what I am"
"I believe in you" - Cyrus and Marina June

"Oh come on! I've jumped through more hoops than a bloddy circus dog for you" - Cyrus July

"If I'm gonna stick around can we finally quit all these stupid games and just be together?"
"yes" - Cyrus and Marina July

"She's asleep at home in bed where we could be. Unless you're saying you're afraid of a little undercover work?"
"You take the elevator I'll take the stairs" Cyrus and Marina Aug

"I just think that Jim"
"Joe isn't good enough for you."
- Cyrus and Marina Aug

"I walked away from you because I had a job to do but the bigger job was always about getting you back once I had us set for life." - Cyrus Sept

"What about what your doing to're making it so I can't live without you. Do you know how tough that is?"
"Yeah. I do." - Cyrus and Marina Sept

"I love her Alex." - Cyrus Oct

"I don't want to live without Marina in my life." - Cyrus Foley Oct

"I'm so sorry for this I never meant anything bad to happen to you"
"I know" - Cyrus and Marina Oct

"You know I love you, right" Cyrus Oct

"Okay now your just wasting brain power"
"That's not my brain" - Marina and Cyrus Oct

Don't screw this up.

Anabelle said...

Harley and Cyrus are pretty hot and I'm all for seeing more. There's something about Cyrus and Marina that doesn't grab my attention and I think it's probably because I'm not into Marina. Sure - let's see more of Cyrus and Harley!

mysticgal said...

Cyrus and Marina without a doubt! Harley is old enough to be Cryus's mother, and she's a shank. I thought she was all about still being in love with Gus and shattered that they were not living together? And Cyrus loves Marina not her HoAboutTown Aunt!

Cyrus and Marina are so sweet together don't screw up the last good relationship that there is on the Guiding Light!

Katie said...

I love Marina and Cyrus and this couple got me watching Guiding Light. I have no reason to watch if the writers break them up.

Jeanne said...

Cyrus and Marina deserve to have a chance. Gosh Marina deserves to be happy in love for once.