Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Linda Cook appears as Ann, a woman with bad news (have they gotten any other kind lately?) for Gwen (Jennifer Landon) and Will (Jesse Lee Soffer) on Friday, October 26 and Monday, October 29.

Daytime viewers may remember Cook as Laurie Ann on The Edge of Night (the one who went crazy, then came home in the final episode), Maureen on Ryan's Hope, Lucy on AMC, Egypt on Loving (who married Alex, but lost him to Ava, played by P&G vet Lisa Peluso), Brenda on Guiding Light and Ellen on OLTL. Cook also played Cynthia Linders on As The World Turns in 1993.


ATWT Fan said...

It is beyond time that Will & Gwen get some happiness. It was so refreshing when they were happily expecting their baby until the writers cruelly took it away. Please give Will & Gwen another baby that is both of theirs. Will,Gwen, & their fans deserve a biological baby.

Bella said...

Happy news (that lasts!) is long overdue for this couple. I think a little miracle is in order. If Meg can be pregnant, then Gwen certainly can be as well.

robwargo said...

She also played Lucy Hunter on ATWT in the early 1980's. I guess she gets a part on the show every decade.