Friday, June 29, 2007


The Bauer BBQ kicks off next week, with the Alan/Beth/Rick triangle heating up to explosive proportions.

Beth (Beth Chamberlin) is carrying Alan's (Ron Raines) baby, while thinking it's Rick's (Michael O'Leary), courtesy of Cassie's itchy computer fingers.

Alan wants to raise the baby that's really his but he thinks it isn't, with Beth.

Rick wants to raise the baby that isn't really his but he thinks it is, away from Alan.

And Beth wants to simultaneously be the innocent young girl Rick first fell in love with over twenty years ago... while enjoying the perks that come with being the wife of wealthy and powerful Alan.

And those perks aren't just financial. Alan can protect Beth from the world. He can make problems go away. He can fix things. Rick can't even keep his own patients from dying of hangnails.

On the other hand, Rick makes Beth smile. He makes her outright laugh. Alan isn't exactly known for his merriment and pratfalls.

As the lyrics to the Starlight Express ballad, Make Up My Heart go:

One of them is strong, one of them is good,
But both could turn out wrong.
So who gets the part?

One of them has style, sets the world alight.
The other makes me smile so who gets the part?
Make up my mind make up my heart.

Beth does make up her mind next week. Tune in to GL to find out who she chooses!

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ATWT Fan said...

Why doesn't this blog give equal coverage to both shows? As an ATWT fan, I am tired of continually seeing more GL coverage than ATWT. Why does GL get more spoiler info than ATWT?