Wednesday, June 27, 2007


When world got out on the Internet that this year's annual, Guiding Light Bauer BBQ would be held on Main Street, viewers panicked that it would be turned into a municipal rather than Bauer family event.

The above photo should help rest fears that even though guests like Josh Lewis (Robert Newman) will be in attendance, it's still a pure Bauer bash, hosted by Rick (Michael O'Leary), his (presumed) baby mama Beth (Beth Chamberlin) and his kids, Leah (Arielle Renwart) and Jude (Aaron Hart).

It's a GL tradition. You can't miss it!

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malletluvr said...

The Bauer Barbeque should not be held on Main Street. As a long time viewer, the tradition is to hold it at the Bauer house, hot tub and all. Why can't the set be used? I am tired of GL being shot entirely on Main Street and in the Beacon. Dust off the old sets or borrow some from ATWT. The Bauer BBQ deserves more respect than to be held on the street.