Thursday, June 21, 2007


ATWT's Carly (Maura West) is used to having competition for Jack's (Michael Park) affections.

Julia Lindsay (Annie Parisse) - brunette.

Julia Larabee (Sarah Brown) - brunette.

Katie (Terri Colombino) is the first ever blonde to be thrown into the mix.

Will this interloper of a different color (not to mention not named Julia; Jack has moved one letter up the alphabet) affect the equation?

In the past, the third party in a Jack/Carly triangle has come from outside Oakdale. Viewers only met both Julias at the point where their lives intersected with Jack and Carly's. Katie is a different case. She had a whole history, romantic and otherwise, previous to crossing into Jack's orbit. She is a true daughter of Oakdale, having been born on screen (albeit in 1989) into a core ATWT family (as opposed to both Jack and Carly who arrived in town as adults). With such an equation, where do your viewer loyalties lie?

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jessica said...

I hate Katie....Carly needs to step up her game...And Jack needs to face reality...HE STILL LOVES CARLY DAMNIT!!!!

Stephanie said...

It looks like Carly stepped up her game at the engagement party - and it totally backfired.