Wednesday, June 20, 2007


He was the first Frank Ryan on Ryan's Hope, the second Travis Montgomery on AMC, Deidre Hall's husband in The Deidre Hall Story, JFK in The Women of Camelot, Young Lorne Greene on Ponderosa, Robert Reed in Growing Up Brady and either Hardcastle and/or McCormick in the cult 80s TV series (above).

Now Daniel Hugh Kelly will appear as Major Winston Mayer on ATWT starting Thursday, July 5.

As Noah's strict (think The Great Santini) father, Kelly first shows up on location in Branson, MO to disapprove of his son's college plans and offer up a blueprint of his own for the boy's future -- one that doesn't come with a "No, thank you, I'd rather not, Dad" option.

This pushes Noah to a rather dramatic retaliation -- if he even realizes that it's his dad who is driving his actions.

To watch the showdown, make sure you tune in to As The World Turns this July!


Loger said...

I believe the first Frank Ryan on Ryan's Hope was Michael Hawkins who played Paul Stewart on ATWT several years before. Daniel Hugh Kelly didn't come on the scene until 1978.

Regardless, he is a welcome addition to the ATWT cast and I'm looking forward to Noah's storyline developing with Luke.

PGP Classic Soaps said...

Frankly, you are correct about Daniel Hugh Kelly.

Personally, my favorite Frank was Geoffrey Pierson. I never quite adjusted to the goofball he later played on "Unhappily Ever After."