Monday, June 25, 2007


Everyone is familiar with SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome). But what shall we call the phenomenon of a character actually growing younger? Soap Opera Delayed Aging Syndrome, maybe? SODAS?

Just for fun, here is a list of some ATWT characters, the year they were born on screen, and the (officially listed) year the actor currently playing them was born:

Character: Meg Snyder introduced as a teen in 1986, let's say born @ 1970.
Actor: Marie Wilson born 1974. (If Meg was 12 in 1986, with all the seducing Dusty/pregnancy test switching, she was a very, very precocious 12).

Character: Aaron Snyder born in 1991.
Actor: Agim Kaba born in 1980. (No wonder Craig didn't want daughter Lucy riding on a motorcycle with such a Born To Be Wild ten year old).

Character: Luke Snyder born 1995.
Actor: Van Hansis born 1981. (Luke's on-screen mom, Martha Byrne) was born in 1969; another precocious 12 year old?)

Character: Emily Stewart born in 1972. (On screen daughter Marnie Schulenberg was born in 1982).
Actor: Kelley Hensley born in 1967.

Character: Paul Ryan born in 1977.
Actor: Roger Howarth born in 1968. (No wonder he can keep dying and coming back to life just like dear old dad. He's got a spare nine years lying around).

Character: Tom Hughes born in 1961.
Actor: Scott Holmes born in 1952.

Character: Parker Munson born in 1998.
Actor: Mick Hazen born in 1993.

Character: Rosanna Cabot born in 1973 (as established vis-a-vis Carly's birthdate).
Actor: Cady McClain born in 1969. (On-screen older sis Maura West was born in 1972).

Character: Katie Peretti born in 1989.
Actor: Terri Colombino born in 1975.

Character: Sage Snyder born 2003.
Actor: Allie Gorenc (above) born in 1996.

Who are some of your favorite age-defying ATWT characters?

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