Monday, June 04, 2007


A professional offers some tips, including:

how does one get work on soaps? If your training is solid and you are ready to audition professionally — at the initial interview some soaps ask for a monologue or have the actor read a scene — pick up a copy of Ross Reports. You will see the addresses for each soap's casting office, as well as the names of the casting personnel. I recommend targeting the associate or assistant casting director who will be in charge of casting background and under-five roles.

Type a brief cover letter consisting of three or four sentences that mention your training and a few of your best credits to date. If your credits are modest, that's okay. End your letter by saying you would like to work for them and would appreciate the opportunity to have an interview. After the initial photo-résumé and cover letter have been sent, be prepared to follow up by mail. Every three weeks, send your photo post card to the same individual, recounting any progress that has taken place in your career.

All the details, here.

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