Friday, June 01, 2007


He was nominated for a Daytime Emmy during his stint in Oakdale, and earned a place in teen movie history for his... relationship... with an apple pie.

Jason Biggs reminisces about his ATWT days:

I wasn’t a waiter but I worked in a Subway sandwich shop. The highs were getting a free sandwich with every shift I worked and the lows were going home every night smelling like a crab sandwich. While I was working there, I was also in the soap opera As The World Turns, so people would come in and recognise me. I was doing the soap opera but saving up all the money for college; I worked in Subway for gas money for my car. It was weird when people recognised me. It was like ‘Yeah, I’m in that show. Would you like cheese in your sandwich?’

Entire interview, here.

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