Monday, January 29, 2007


The role of ATWT's Dallas Griffin has been recast with daytime newcomer Kenneth Franklin.


Anonymous said...

Good morning PGP,

I had posted a question for you earlier in another older posting but you probably didn't see it.

I love what you are doing by showing classic soap episodes, it's a great deal of fun. Being a big fan of PG's current soaps as well as a few of teh defunct ones, I was thrilled to see old episodes of my alltime favorite The Edge of Night available for watching.

I simply have one question: Will you continue to add episodes of EON or is what we see all there will be? I would gladly watch ten commercials at the beginning of each downloaded episode and ask that you please continue to add more and more episodes.

What a great way to spend quiet periods, I've already watched the first 20 EON episodes you've posted (in less than a week!) so I'm running out fast.

Thanks in advance for your response, and for posting episodes of my old favorite along with old episodes of my current favorites!

A Drake

PGP Classic Soaps said...

Hi, Drake -

A new batch of episodes is on the way, they're being coded over at AOL as we speak!

Thanks for watching and reading!

Anonymous said...

Dear PGP Classic Soaps,

You guys are the best!!! You've really made my day.

Thanks so much,

A Drake

Freelance Writer/Editor, Misti Sandefur said...

When will Kenneth Franklin first appear as Dallas on ATWT? Also, if possible, can you tell me why Dallas has been recast?

PGP Classic Soaps said...

Kenneth's first airdate is February 26.

He is older than the actor who last played Dallas, and the character has been slightly aged, as well.

Freelance Writer/Editor, Misti Sandefur said...

PGP Classic Soaps,

Thanks for the information. It was appreciated. Also, thanks for the great blog. I've searched and searched blogs about ATWT, and this seems to be the only one that really updates often. Keep up the good work!