Tuesday, October 24, 2006


You know how in the Bugs Bunny cartoons, every once in a while Bugs would have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, each whispering seductively what he should do next?

The week of ATWT's Halloween Ball, Carly (Maura West) faces a similar dilemma.

Only in her case, the angel and the devil are Jack (Michael Park) and Simon (Paul Leyden). (I'd tell you which one was which, but that seems pretty obvious).

Simon has a scheme to help him and Carly get out of their financial mess. It includes a trip back in time to the less than noble profession that first brought Simon to Oakdale. Jack suspects that something is up and, in his chosen profession as a cop, attempts to keep Carly from making a huge mistake.

Which leaves Carly with a choice: Listen to the angel... or the devil.

If you were Carly, which one (and which man) would you choose?


Erica Kane said...

I would choose Jack!! But I have a question for PGP. When is the opening for ATWT going to be updated??? It has been the short Katie version since Jennifer died. They took Hal out immediately, and I know that Jennifer was in the other openings, but if they can take Hal out so quick why can't they update the other versions???

PGP Classic Soaps said...

Hi, Erica -

Producers are aware that they need to be updated. There are three versions they are workin on.

Thanks for writing!

Erica Kane said...

Thanks for actually answering my question!!