Friday, October 06, 2006


ClassicSoapFan writes:

I'd love to see some great pics from classic soap opera, especially pics from long-gone P&G soaps like 'For Richer, For Poorer', 'Somerset', 'From These Roots', etc. as well as vintage pics from AW, SFT, ATWT, TGL, and TEON.

Let's start with the above for now, and more are on the way! (As you may well imagine, few classic pix are currently in electronic form. But we're working on fixing that.)


ClassicSoapFan said...

Thank you SO much! The Chris & Nancy picture is exactly the type of picture I was talking about -- a beautiful vintage shot that I've never seen before.

Whenever I think of soap opera, I think of P&G. The contribution to the genre that P&G has made (going all the way back to 'Ma Perkins' on radio) is incompairable. I love vintage soap operas --- especially P&G ones!

Is there any chance that the Classic Soaps Channel might feature one-off episodes from cancelled P&G soaps where lengthy runs aren't available? I'd love to see episodes of 'Somerset', 'For Richer, For Poorer' and older P&G soaps from the '50s/'60s.

AMCHistory said...

Thanks so much for fulfilling out picture requests! The 60's and 70's were such a golden era for we soap fans, but there are such few high quality color photos left from that time. Is there any chance you'll be posting more color photos of some of P&G's biggest stars?

Ones that come to mind that I would love are Vasili Bogazianos (ex-Mikey Dials, The Edge of Night), Judith Barcroft (ex-Lenore Moore, Another World), Hugh Franklin (ex-Ralph Brown, ATWT), Kay Campbell (ex-Helene Benedict, GL) and Kathleen Dezina (Search for Tomorrow)