Thursday, February 26, 2015


February is a big romance month (what's more romantic than President's Day?) and, this week,'s Newlyweds Expert features a round-up of some of the most romantic things a husband has ever done for his wife.

Mine, as you may well imagine, isn't exactly hearts and flowers:

A Helping Hand

Alina Adams knows a thing or two about romance. She has written four romance novels. But you'd be surprised at what she thinks of as alluring nowadays. It's her husband's willingness to pitch in around the house that she finds most attractive. "The most romantic thing my husband ever did for me was clean up vomit when the kids threw up," she writes in an e-mail.

In a 2012 blog Adams wrote for she explained the difference between romantic heroes pre- and post-marriage. The wife and mother gushed about how her non-Jewish husband participated in her family's rituals, listened to them speak Russian, which he didn't understand, and went above and beyond as a father.

"I have never read about a romantic hero like my husband in any romance novel," she wrote. "To be honest, I think that if I tried to pitch one like him, nobody would believe me. ('But, what’s his motivation to do all this for you?' 'I dunno? He loves me?' 'Sorry. We can’t sell that.')" 

To read what other women had to say, click here.

And to enjoy my unconventional take on romance in fictional form, join me at, where I am writing my next book live online with readers watching - and directing what should happen next!


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