Monday, February 09, 2015


In honor of Valentine's Day, the New York Post ran a special feature: 6 real-life meet-cutes that prove you can find love in NYC, and one of the couples featured was my husband and I!

Alina Adams and Scott W.
Met in June 1997

Eighteen years ago, Alina Adams and Scott W. found themselves under the Washington Square Arch, meeting a mutual friend for a play. What happened next depends on whom you ask.

“I show up there and this beautiful woman walks in,” Scott, a schoolteacher, says. “Our friend was late and I was a little tongue-tied. So I said, ‘You go see the play, I’ll wait.’?”

“My recollection is that we were introduced, and he turned around and wandered off,” says Alina, 47.

Once their friend arrived and they were all reunited, the play was ignored. “Antigone” may be a tragedy, but it was a love story for these two.

“I thought he was really smart and funny, interesting,” Alina, a novelist, says. Scott, now 51, remembers watching her instead of the show.

Their first official date was a year later at the Museum of Radio & Television, now the Paley Center for Media, the perfect spot for the TV-loving pair. Married in 1999, the Upper West Side couple now has three kids.

“Scott grew up in Harlem. I was born in the former Soviet Union and immigrated with my family,” Alina says. “But the things that are important to us are exactly the same. And the things on the surface that look different about us are really irrelevant.

“We always point the Arch out to the kids and say, ‘See, that’s where we met. No Arch, no you.’?”


(A couple of corrections: It was July, not June, and I'm 45, not 47, while my husband is 47, not 51. But, you know, media....)

Read the other five couples' stories at:

And while we're talking romance, the very first romance novel I ever published, The Fictitious Marquis (AVON 1995) is finally out as an e-book!

Check it out at:






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