Thursday, May 16, 2013


“Tell me that Iris is lying,” Donna challenged Marley.

Her daughter shrugged and dutifully parroted, “Iris is lying.  When is she ever not?”

“Iris told me you’re the one who drove Sarah out of town.  That it’s all part of some diabolical plan of yours to claim Daisy for yourself while stringing both Grant and Dennis along indefinitely.”

Marley looked up innocently.  “Now, does that sound like something I would do?”


“You have your answer then.”

“It sounds like something I would do.”

“Here to offer me pointers?”

“Is Iris telling the truth?”

“Highly unlikely.”

“Is Iris telling the truth?” Donna repeated, emphasizing each word and forcing Marley to look at her as she asked.

Her daughter hesitated for a long, excruciating beat.  And then she said, “Yes.”


Donna comes to a horrifying realization about Marley as Jamie presses Matt to call off his wife, Frankie finally faces the consequences of her actions, Rachel makes a promise to Russ as Chase makes a threat to Rachel, and Amanda gets a clue.

All on today's AWT:


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