Friday, May 07, 2010



Rick and Mindy brought their new baby, Hudson Lewis Bauer, home, and were greeted by a surprise party of family and friends who'd gotten together to set up the nursery in advance of their homecoming.

The two grandfathers, Billy and Ed, engaged in friendly debate about whether the boy looked more like a Lewis or a Bauer.

Phillip bought his godson a Palomino pony and told Rick and Mindy that things between him and Beth were still rocky, but they were working on it.

Bill confided in Mindy that Lizzie seemed to have gotten over the worst of her jealously about Sarah's closeness to Jonathan's girlfriend, Aubrey, but now her two parents were going at it over the best pre-school to send Sarah to in the fall. Lizzie wanted someplace traditional and structured, with uniforms and French. Jonathan, according to Lizzie, wanted to send their daughter to a progressive school where the kids did nothing but roll around in the mud all day. In English.

Though tearfully grateful for all that her friends and family had done for them, Mindy was nevertheless relieved once everyone was gone and she, Rick and Hudson could finally share a moment as a family - alone.

She noted that the moment was perfect. But this is Springfield, after all. So.... What in the world was going to happen next?

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