Monday, May 17, 2010


"Where's Dad?" Kirkland asked Rachel as the entire family — save Steven, Allie, Lila and Jamie — gathered in the dining room for breakfast.

"Still asleep, honey," she began, as the double-doors behind them opened and Lila walked in, having apparently just gotten home — but that was none of Rachel's business — with Grant Harrison bringing up the rear — which most certainly was.

"How about the next best thing?" Grant suggested to his son with such discombobulating magnanimity of spirit that it effectively left his traditional detractors absurdly speechless. "I figured Jamie could use a day to himself to regroup and relax. The weather is perfect for hot-air ballooning. I know a place — "

"Ooh, could I go with you, Mr. Harrison?" Jasmine interrupted.

"Me, too?" Cory pleaded.

"Me, three?" Elizabeth jumped in.

"No!" Carl had been fine up to a point. But the sight of Elizabeth beseeching Grant for... anything was more than he could bear; Jamie's taunt of "I'm just trying to give you perspective, Carl," echoing not merely in Carl's ears but down his spine and through every ventricle. He forced himself to assume a deceptively placid countenance, pointing out ever so reasonably, "You all have school today, Kirkland included."

"Carl is right," Rachel said. "But, Grant, would you care to join us for breakfast?"

"Really?" Grant tried and failed to keep the surprise out of this voice.

"Really?" Amanda echoed.



Lorna and Jamie confront ghosts from their pasts, John blindsides Matt regarding Donna, Lila confronts Kevin about Amanda, Allie taunts Sarah, and Felicia reacts badly to news about Lucas.

Plus a classic Marley/Jamie clip and Lorna ruminates on the pitfalls of love.

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