Monday, February 04, 2013


“You look happy,” Russ observed as he walked in on Iris packing a travel bag inside the bedroom she currently occupied at Russ’ house.

“I am happy,” she beamed at him.  “I’m off on a little trip!”

Russ took a seat, observing her closely.  “And if past experience has taught me anything, it’s that when Iris Wheeler is happy, that means someone else is about to become sad.”

She hesitated.  “Is that truly how you perceive me, darling?”

He shrugged.  “I just call them as I see them.”

“I’m hurt.”

“Sorry.  Now, tell me: Am I right?”

Iris looked away, pretending great fascination with the precise folding of a cashmere sweater.  “In a manner of speaking.”

“I knew it!” he crowed.  Then, on a more serious note, asked, “Is Rachel the current target of your… happiness?”


Russ demands to know what Iris is up to, Felicia is forced to keep a secret from Rachel, Allie responds to GQ's profession of love, Steven hears about Kevin's confession, Zeno fills Frankie in on Charlie, while you help Sarah make a decision about her and Grant's future.

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Thomas said...

Very enjoyable. I found Allie's attitude to be totally bizarre. GQ saved her life and she's treating him as he's carrying the the bubonic plague.

I think Rachel has had almost everything tossed at her as if she is a goalie for a football game. First there is the constant attacks on Carl by Rachel's older children, the threats of Chase Hamilton, and the forced disappearance of Carl away from Rachel's life. I am not sure if Rachel is part of the Carl plan or not, but it seems like everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Rachel has grown from the selfish woman she once was. She is the CEO of Cory and yet, she is a target by those who supposedly love her. I think also that she is losing so much that she's finding herself feeling insecure, especially when her children go to Alice or Felicia for advice or help. I am glad that Russ is trying to help Rachel and stop Iris.

Poor Felicia has to keep secrets about her chats with Jamie. But that's how it works.

As for Iris, no matter how devious and clever she can be, ultimately Iris fails because she is unable to know when to stop and treat people well.

Given the get together between Charlie and Zeno, i think it's a VERY bad idea for Cass AND Frankie to leave again. Charlie needs guidance and love and help to rediscover who she is and what she means to her family and friends.